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Calling for Volunteers!

by Chris Wiggin on 19 December, 2015

The Peterborough Lib Dems are looking to expand our Focus Team for the Hamptons, Hempstead and Oron Longueville.

Local campaigners Chris Wiggin, Daniel Gibbs & Christian Hogg are looking to build on the success of Lib Dem councillors in Walton, South Werrington and Gunthorpe areas of the City in providing local communities with targeted representation on the City’s council.

We need local residents that care about their community to help us with various tasks to achieve success in the upcoming elections in May 2016.

Tasks we need help with are:

  • Delivering our Focus Newsletters throughout Hampton, Hempsted and Orton Longueville.
  • Conducting Residents Surveys
  • Canvassing local residents

If you are interested or just want to find out more contact Christian Hogg by email christian.hogg@peterboroughlibdems.org.uk or by phone 07866 774213.


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  1. Donna Langley says:

    Hi if you need help please let me know 🙂

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